‘Dementia Downunder’ Milestone……Officially Reached.


I am really proud about reaching 1000 members for Dementia Downunder. It shows that ‘DD’ is a valuable resource required in the community to help families and carers impacted by Dementia.

When I started ‘DD’ 3 years ago I remember thinking to myself “I wonder how many people could benefit from this?”…..Little did I know how many … and how much I would personally change and positively grow as a person! It also enabled me to have an even more amazing relationship with my Dad ( we hung out more and learnt new ways to communicate).

Thank you to all of you for sharing your stories and supporting each other. I know when my dad was alive it was really therapeutic to share amongst people who were going through similar things.

Dementia care is a very involved and confusing process that is completely individual to each person. It requires carers , nurses and family members to think on their feet and advocate for the person with Dementia at every opportunity.

Dementia is different!….

I sincerely thank you for making the effort to learn more about Dementia via Dementia Downunder to ultimately provide better care.

People with Dementia are still valuable and we need to continue to adapt to them to allow themselves to feel valued and live positive and fulfilling lives.

“Thank You!”….

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