Doing it for Dementia……”Thank you” for the Nominations


I received an email today advising me that I have been nominated for a ‘2018 Pride of Australia’ medal. I am really humbled to be nominated, and do not have a clue who kindly put me forward?

Personal accolades is not what I am about, but I do feel privileged as I get so much happiness from making a person with dementia smile. I love it when we find a new way to allow a person with dementia to engage in an activity that others may have thought was not possible.

These people matter….every single one of them! We just need to tap into them and bring out the amazing memories and wisdom that may be locked away.

There is still a mountain of work to be done and I will never give up. I want people with dementia to be given the highest priority, with the best available care, and the most dignity possible.

So I just want to sincerely say “thank you” to the person who nominated me, and if I am successful I will certainly take the opportunity to talk about dementia and create as much awareness as I can.

PS – Late breaking news – I have just been advised that I have now made the finals!…fingers crossed.

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