Caring, Sharing & Preparing for Cognitive Impairment (inc Dementia)

‘Caring, Sharing & Preparing for Cognitive Impairment Conference’ – NRAH – 9/3/18

This presentation was one I took very seriously. There was 200 Doctors, Nurses and Medical Professionals in the room. The Conference was all about getting the 3 health networks from SA together to share information.

My presentation is 11 minutes long and there is a small glitch at 3.09 secs into the video where an incoming call stopped the recording. (Only 10 seconds was missed).

I felt privileged to be able to deliver this presentation on behalf of the families and also people with dementia. Lets hope the messages get through. (fingers crossed)

Thank you also to Ian Gladstone for his terrific presentation which had the crowd roaring with laughter. Can’t wait to interview him next weekend. Bravo


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