Discussions in Dementia – *Coming Soon

Discussions in Dementia

Welcome to the innovative new podcast series that delves into the highs and lows of caring for people of all ages who are battling dementia.

Tune in to me chatting with everyday Australians as they navigate the ever changing landscape of dementia.

I will be talking with family caregivers, paid carers, nurses, doctors, dementia trainers & people with dementia. Each person will have a unique and different story to tell as they candidly discuss all things dementia.

Why do a podcast? …

To give people an inside look into the lives of Australians from all walks of life impacted by dementia across  ‘tell all’ 30 minute segments. You will be able to click on a link and play each interview at your leisure. All podcasts will be placed on the Dementia Downunder (DD) website for easy reference under the ‘podcast’ tab.

What is different about the podcasts?

They allow the ‘real stories’ behind dementia to come to the surface. There is so much stigma associated with dementia and these podcasts will weave across many relevant topics and even dip into some ‘taboo’ topics and traditional ‘no-go zones’.  The interview format is really informal and is pretty much a couch chat over a coffee.

Conversations are recorded at our Woodside Studio and are a great way to discover how to positively overcome the challenges facing Australian families.You can even listen to them as you drive to or from work.

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One thought on “Discussions in Dementia – *Coming Soon

  1. Maria Berry says:

    I think this is a fantastic idea. Not only is it an honest approach to what is really happening to the person effected by dementia, their families, carers, friends and support people too. We are seeing a sweep of real consumer stories and experiences across health services. This is to improve services, learn from, make changes and also offer more support and understanding to a person’s situation or journey through the health system. Real stories and experiences are the most powerful learning tool . It’s no different with dementia. Well done and really looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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