The Drama Queen With A Caring Heart (Dementia Story)

Here it is everyone,

Grab a coffee and a couple of Tim Tams as you prepare to listen to Linda Booth open her world to us. Linda simply ‘keeps things real…’.

Upon hearing the interview back I realized how many valuable tips and scenarios Linda actually mentioned.

Linda’s story has a ‘little bit of everything’ and in true Dutch style she refuses to ‘sugar-coat’ issues. I feel privileged to hear her talk about her thoughts and feelings at times of great stress. This interview has some nerves at the start and gets better and better with a very confronting final story.

So sit back and relax and get ready for

‘The Drama Queen with a Caring Heart’….Linda Booth

*Thanks to Zak Partington for voiceover, editing and technical assistance

One thought on “The Drama Queen With A Caring Heart (Dementia Story)

  1. Gulietwatson says:

    Thanks be to God for you two! xo

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