Waltzing Matilda


I wanted to share a ‘magical moment’ in the nursing home yesterday. I was rounding up men for Men’s Group in the large communal room where the residents were watching none other than ‘Andre Rieu- Live in Melbourne’ DVD.

I walked past a tiny older lady who was sitting in front of the tv, and noticed she had a ‘twinkle in her eye’. She summonsed me over with her index finger. I bent down to say ‘hello’ when she cheekily blurted out “Let’s just say ..You are all mine sweetheart… and I would be most honoured if you could take me for a dance?”

I replied… “ Sure …it would be an honour to waltz with you ‘..

I reached out to her very formally and we began to waltz in front of the other residents. We did this for about 2 minutes, and the smile on her face was priceless. After our waltz I put her arm inside my arm and I formally accompanied her back to her chair.

As I lead her back she said to me “ Why thank you kind sir for the dance… it was indeed an honour, and most enjoyable”.

It certainly made me smile but as she was about to sit down another lady started to get up out of her chair. My dance partner then pushed the other lady in the chest knocking her back into her chair.

She then hissed at the lady … “BACK OFF!…. He’s all mine!”..

….This is Dementia…100% true story)

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