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‘Dementia Downunder’ is a fabulous ‘free’ support group for anyone in Australia with a family member, friend, resident or patient with a type of Dementia. You may be a carer or nurse or even a doctor, everyone is welcome.

My name is Brett Partington, my Dad (Bob) has Alzheimer’s disease (age 72), and I am the Administrator of this Facebook group. My aim is to create a ‘one-stop’ destination where we can share information,experiences and personal stories with other people who are impacted by dementia both directly and indirectly.

When someone you know is diagnosed with dementia the family are instantly engaged in the caring of that person and often do not have time to be researching the internet for solutions. Hopefully I can ‘cut you to the chase’ with relevant & useful information, and our members can provide support for you at the same time.

The difference with this site is that it is run by a committed family member and not a medical expert or aged care professional. I have a passion to share our story to help others, and am prepared to fight for the dignity of our aged community.

This is not a medically based site, but moreso a place where people can realize that they are not alone, and may be able to gain comfort and insight along the way. I encourage people to post special moments, funny items and anything you feel may inspire others on their journey with dementia. Use this site as a chance to offload thoughts and feelings in a caring and respectful environment.

I now have had experience as a family carer, a carer in a nursing home, a volunteer lifestyle carer (Men’s Group), and assisting in hospital and mental health wards. I am also a member of the ‘Dignity in Care’ Action Group, Adelaide Hills Dementia Working Group plus others. I will also be sharing our story in conjunction with Alzheimer’s Australia (SA) at various events and forums.There are approx 360,000 people in Australia with Dementia and is increasing every day.

Many people in the group have adopted Bob as their own online dad and followed and supported his rollercoaster journey. He is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s Disease and is one of the nicest people on the planet but has really struggled with everything dementia has dished out. We have become closer as a family and this online network has been a great place to share our story with others and educate people along the way. Click on the  ‘My Diary Blog’ to read about our family story and what we have learnt along the way. 



Any opinions stated in this group are my own and I strongly recommend you obtain professional advice where applicable. This site is not to be used for charity collection, donations or fundraising unless approved prior. Any exceptions will be endorsed by Admin with a post from myself.

This Facebook group is ‘all inclusive’ and is about providing dignity, care and respect for people impacted by dementia irrespective of age, cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs,sexual orientations and lifestyles (LGBTI). We welcome all points of view and opinions to give a balanced overall discussion about dementia. The language and tone to be used in this group is required to be respectful at all times We have a focus on ‘caring, sharing and learning’.

**PLEASE NOTE: This group is NOT to be used for medical advice and you should consult your health practitioners at all times. It is simply a place where people can share their thoughts, ideas and feelings about living with dementia.

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