Daily Dose of Dementia



My Dad’s Aged Care home is a place that takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. Each day I could be sad, frustrated, shocked, challenged, inspired, mad, happy, excited, overwhelmed and so much more.

People pass away each week, others lose more of their memory, and a lotta sad stuff happens.

But what you may not know is a lotta funny stuff happens each day, and I am in stitches most of the time. I thought I would share some of the conversations I have and hear each day:

*Martha is 77yo and packs her handbag and a small suitcase every morning and stands for hours by the locked front doors waiting for a bus.

Brett: Hi Martha are you going out today?

Martha: Yes I am….

Brett: Where are you going?

Martha: Switzerland!

Brett: Wow! That sounds good, can I come with you?

Martha: of course…

Brett: Great! It might be cold…I’ll get my jacket.

*Beau is a flirty 80 year old lady who has a keen eye for any males that she encounters.

Brett: Good Morning Beau

Beau: Good Morning Gorgeous

Brett: How are you today?

Beau: Better for seeing you.

Brett: You are too kind Beau.

(she slowly looks me up and down like a piece of meat)

Beau: Let’s just say…..I like what I see.(winks at me)

Hmmmm…..this is Dementia

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