What I Learnt About Elderly Women


Today I went to visit my Dad at his nursing home and I came across a normally bubbly English lady slumped across a piano. She was sad and crying so I sat next to her on the stool and asked what was wrong. she said ” Do I stink?” I said ” Of course you don’t!” She then said “Everyone thinks I do”. I then changed the subject and asked her to tell me a poem – which she rattled off with ease. We then played that duet on the piano (the one which most people can play that don’t know how to play piano). She then was a little brighter.

I then went to Burnside Village and was in our pop- up shop in the older part of the Centre (elderly clients). I was rushing around as per normal and just walked out the door as per usual, but I accidentally cut in front of a lady in a walking frame who was travelling extremely slowly. I then tripped over a drain, stumbled and almost fell. The lady and her friend then unleashed the biggest “tirade” of abuse at me for pushing in front of her. I said ” I am really sorry about that”….She then yelled at me ” YOU ARE NOT BLOODY SORRY AT ALL!!!” and then kept walking. This played on my mind for the rest of the day, but had to ‘cop my whack’ for not being aware of my actions.

I then left Burnside and was driving to our warehouse when I saw an elderly lady in a red cardigan laying on her side on the footpath with a very distressed look on her face. Her shoes were off, handbag wide open, and shopping bags everywhere so I pulled over the van and ran to help her. The lady had tripped on a paver and could not get herself up. She had hit her head, and was bruised all over. I sat with her for 5 minutes to allow her time to gather her breath etc. I held herhands as she tried to get up ( which took an eternity) and she was so nice to me and we had a chat on the footpath. She told me several cars went past and no-one stopped (which is disgraceful). I then offered to drive her to her home several blocks away, which she gladly accepted. As I helped her in the van she patted me on the back to show her appreciation. I bantered with her on the way to her home and said ” I can’t wait to tell my wife I picked up an older woman today!” …we laughed, and then I found out she is a Sydney Street customer 🙂 Two days later I received a handwritten letter thanking me for helping her.

All this in one day and 100% true stories…..So what did I learn????

1. Women of all ages have feelings and even though they may overthink plenty of stuff, we need to be mindful of that.

2. Allowing a lady to express herself gets a lot better result than dealing with things on her own.

3. I am rubbish at piano playing!

4. Beware of elderly women ( and men) in walking frames….We all get frustrated with them holding us up etc….but I will be a bit more careful and slower in future.

5. No matter how old a woman is, be wary she can still hand out a ‘spray of abuse’ when required:-)

6. Elderly women really appreciate any help they can get.

7. Elderly women are vulnerable and trusting.

8. They are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, and if you give them your time, you will be rewarded.

9. Respect them….they have earnt it!

10. Karma is an amazing thing.

So this Mother’s Day make sure you acknowledge and look after your Mum, your Grandma (or Nana)…..and don’t forget Great Grandma either!

Give them a hug, and actually think about things from their angle…not just your own. This may open up a whole new way of looking after them and caring for them.

Have a great Mother’s Day this Sunday!

PS- I don’t think we should forget Mum’s who have passed away, and what about women who cannot medically have kids, and those that choose to not have them….. Bugger it! – How about we call it “Every Woman’s Day”? :—)

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