New Ideas for Aged Care


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I was just chatting with a 94yo lady in the nursing home, and realised she was holding her watch which had a broken band. I wanted to get it fixed for at a local watchmaker ( who could probably put a 2nd hand one on for her free ).

I then started thinking about the few possessions elderly people have and thought it would be great for businesses and individuals to help out in similar situations.

Other Areas To Be Looked at:

Teenage kids could program the televisions of residents so they automatically turn on in the mornings and turn off at night at set times.

People who are retiring from jobs or are out of work could act as ‘welcoming friends’ for a new resident entering a nursing home. They can sit with them and make the transition a smooth one. ( I was watching a 97 yo lady walking around alone and aimlessly on her 2nd day at the home)

Hmmm…. The possibilities are endless


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