First Speech to 35 Home Carers


Had my first dementia speech ( as a carer) this afternoon with this fantastic group of carers. They were a great audience who gave me some real perspective on how difficult their roles can be. Carers that help out families at home are at a great disadvantage as they do have the support of a registered nurse on hand, they have very little idea on what medications are being taken (if taken at all). There is also the family dynamic that comes into play where the son or daughter or spouse may want certain instructions carried out, and the person with dementia may have different ideas.

It was awesome to tell “My Story” to a really engaged group. Hopefully the word spreads about ‘Dementia Downunder’ and people can interact and learn from each other.

A very touching speech was delivered by Don ( the Director of FHSS) about his times spent with Dad ( Bob). It was fabulous to hear the positive effect Dad has on all around him and I was humbled by Don’s kind words.

A great experience , and I hope to present to them again one day with more tips on dementia. Next time I look forward to hearing their stories and working on some positive solutions.


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