Our Dementia Story in A Nutshell…


As many of you know the Partington family has jumped on the front foot and put our very personal family story in the public domain to raise awareness about dementia and provide a positive path for other families.

We have just finished being involved in a new Eldercare corporate video to be released very soon.

We have also tried to support the hospital research fund by telling our story. This is to raise funds for vital dementia research. Click on link below for our story.

To be quite frank- at the moment they do not really have many clues on how to prevent dementia, but they have to keep trying as dementia will be one of Australia’s biggest health problems in the next 10 years. ( it is currently no#2).

Don’t forget- if you know anyone with a family member or friend with dementia/Alzheimers they can join my ‘Dementia Downunder’ support group on Facebook.




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