Dignity in Care – Dr Faizal Ibrahim (Dementia Awareness Day Event)

This speech at the Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Awareness Day by Dr Faizal Ibrahim totally inspired me.

He is dynamic, sincere and passionate (my favourite 3 words!) and totally engaged the audience. I wanted to share Faizal’s speech as it was a turning point in my journey with dementia.  Faizal raised all the important points that I have been so passionate about within healthcare and aged care relating to providing dignity for people in care . It was almost like he was talking to me personally and I spent the entire speech thinking to myself “Finally! Someone that is saying ‘No More’ to treating people with dementia badly”. What made it really special was that a doctor was standing up and leading the charge.

In the hospitals you are often frustrated & angry, and feel you don’t have a voice. I am very pleased that Faizal has invited me to join his ‘Dignity in Care’ action group and I believe we can make some serious change for people with dementia and their families. The ‘Dignity in Care’ Action Group has given the consumers that voice.

I attended my first ‘Dignity in Care’ meeting yesterday and was honoured to tell a small part of our story with such a passionate group of healthcare & aged care professionals. I look forward to making a real difference, real soon.

*The Presentation is 48 mins  – Grab a coffee and enjoy!

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