The Glover Family – A Personal Story of Dementia

The Glover Family are an amazing country family from Port Lincoln, SA. Their story is very important to me as when I heard them speak it was the first time I realized where we had been with our own personal dementia journey. It was surreal as I sat there by myself and just soaked up every word and could relate to their struggles as we had already been there. I had been so busy caring for Dad that I never stopped to breathe and grieve. Even though Dad is still with us we have lost many parts of the wonderful man that he was. Thank you to the Glover Family for giving me one hour of reflection that was a really pivotal part of my personal rollercoaster.

Robin is a real farmer type that had been used to running the family farm and was a local sporting hero. He tells of his struggle with having to be cared for and the withdrawal of his capacity as the ‘main man’ on the farm as well as his personal thoughts on how he is coping.

Valda is the backbone of the caring and is a true country wife who has added her dementia caring to her long list of volunteer community roles. Valda is the facilitator of the ‘Memory Lane’ support group. Valda shares the hard times and dementia topics that are often not talked about.

Deborah presents a very emotional account of how dementia has impacted on her family and the struggles she has to deal with as a daughter of someone with dementia.


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