The Dementia Rollercoaster – Who’s With Me?


The Dementia Rollercoaster is certainly not one for the faint hearted. Sometimes it’s scary, sometimes it’s not that bad. You never know what’s around the corner unless you ride it regularly. The more you take on the twists and turns the better you get at handling them. There are times of exhilaration and absolute joy but can soon be followed by terror and breathtaking moments.

Everyone is scared of a new rollercoaster, as fear of the unknown is a powerful concept. You will be proud that you had the courage to get on board, and feel good that you have made a difference to someone else.

What I have learnt over the last few years is that on the Dementia Rollercoaster you just need to strap in, hang on, and do the best you can. When you get time for a breather, tell others about your experience so they won’t be as scared.

The Dementia Rollercoaster is open to all riders, does not discriminate and the queues are getting longer each day. (Written by Brett Partington)

One thought on “The Dementia Rollercoaster – Who’s With Me?

  1. Absolutely. Toxic stuff. But it takes a while to figure it out. And by then, we are usually in love, right? So we SHOULD be able to work through the mess. Plus we cling to those sticky memories. Not good.

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