What’s In A Name?….Plenty Mate!


As I spend so much time with Dad in hospital (and at his nursing home) I often hear carers & nurses call the resident/patient “Mate”or “Buddy'”.

I personally don’t like this as it does not give the person dignity or respect. If using someone’s name makes them ‘feel’ good, then shouldn’t we make the small effort to learn their name and use it?

By calling someone ‘Mate’ we are saying to them- you are not important and you are not unique.

‘Off the Wall’ idea….What would happen if we wrote the resident’s first name on a sticker and placed it on their chest?

If they have dementia they are likely to forget things all the time. If everyone has a name tag maybe they can now call each other by their first name and create a happier place?….just a thought.

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