Sticking To An Activity – How Do We Branch Out?


I took Bob for a walk this morning and noticed that he really enjoyed picking up twigs every few steps , breaking the twig into smaller pieces then placing it back on the ground. We only walked for about 100m as he kept stopping and bending over to pick up the sticks.

I want to capitalize on this activity as it totally engages him and makes him feel happy. As most of you know Bob is really difficult to engage as he rarely watches tv, does not read books (besides his photo album) and has an attention span of about 6 seconds with activities.

He does however love his music and is often dancing with carers and residents.

Anyway, back to the twigs. I thought about bringing a bag with us for when we go walking so we can collect the sticks and use them as ‘kindling in my combustion heater’ . I want him to know that he is doing a worthwhile activity that I can benefit from, and he feels good about helping me.

My question today is ” Knowing that Dad likes doing this activity with sticks, what would you recommend as ideal activities that are along the same theme or may be tactile in a similar way?”……..

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