Dementia Downunder….”The Word is Spreading”


Wow…Nearly 300 Facebook Members already (in 12 months).

I am really pleased with the group and “thank you” very much for the fabulous content that you have posted. Mixing it up is definitely the way to go. eg a good blend of informative, emotional, personal, inspiring, positive & fun posts. The group has a ‘sincere and genuine’ tone and is supporting and teaching people about dementia 24/7.

I am on a mission to help as many people & families as I can around Australia who are impacted by dementia. I am attending the National Dementia Conference in Sydney soon so I can learn even more. I really want to hear more about what our members are going through, so please share your experiences as there are many people to support you and many others learning from you. The hardest part is having the courage to make a post. I have found sharing our own experience very therapeutic.

My family is normally very private but I have chosen to put our story ‘right out there’ to dispel the many stigmas about dementia. I would love to share pics and stories about other people I meet with dementia, but am often restricted by confidentiality & privacy restraints. (This is why most of my pics are of Bob or our family).Many members in Dementia Downunder have adopted Bob (Dad) as their own ‘online family member’ which has been fantastic, and gives us great support as we tackle our rollercoaster journey with Alzheimers.

If you hear of anyone who is being impacted by dementia please tell them about ‘Dementia Downunder’. The beauty of this group is that we are here 24/7 and you can share your thoughts when YOU want to. We do not judge people and will not tolerate any disrespectful comments. Stay positive and keep on caring.

Thank you!

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