‘Feisty Fred’ The 95yo Grumpy Bugger is at it Again in the Nursing Home



Incident #1

I was standing with another carer and a couple of residents when Fred hobbled up to us in his suit and loudly announced ” I wanted to have a conversation with some intelligent people, but it is pretty obvious I am in the wrong place. I’m off!….”

Incident #2

Fred came up to me and said “I would appreciate if you could direct me to where they serve breakfast?”. I said “You have already had it it Fred!” Then he snapped back with “Well I don’t think so…they haven’t given me a f%#@en thing here in 6 weeks!”

Incident #3

Fred went up to a female carer and said to her “I was gonna go and tell you to go to buggery, but you are so stupid you probably don’t even know where it is!”

Incident #4

Fred was tired again and said to me “Man, I am tired….I guess I should be at 99”. I said to Fred “You are 95 Max…but I bet you reach 100, and then you will get a letter from the Queen”. Fred replied with “Oh that would be nice, then I could send it back to her and tell her to go and get stuffed! Wonder how she will like that? (laughs)”.

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