The Ladies in The Nursing Home Are Working Me Over…



I was in dad’s room when 75yo ‘Country Clare’ came to the door and said “There is a lady over there desiring your attention”. I thought to myself ‘this will be interesting’.

I walked over to the table and sat with 84yo ‘Worried Wilma’ who wanted help folding napkins. I sat down and worked out how to fold the napkins and the ladies followed.

‘Worried Wilma’ was crying all the time and telling me how “she hadn’t done anything wrong”…I gave her a tissue and told her that she is doing fine and everyone knows she is a good person.

As I was busily folding she leant over to me and said ” you are a lovely boy but you look a bit ‘dainty’ folding those napkins”. ( we then laughed at her accurate observation)…

The next minute she pointed to the messy pile of napkins and said “has that cat always been there?”.

This is dementia……

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