Hot Stuff in The Nursing Home


I was in the nursing home yesterday morning chatting with some residents when 80 yo “Moody Judy” came up to the table we were sitting at. I never know what Judy will say when I greet her with my usual “Good morning Judy …How are you today?”….I then hold my breath….and wait for the reaction, which is always clear cut and direct but could be either “absolutely wonderful kind sir” or “What’s so bloody good about it?” ( then she storms off).

Well today was different, I gave her my usual greeting and she had me wondering when she said nothing, but reached out for my arm,rubbed it, felt how warm I was, smiled and said “ooohhh….aren’t you hot stuff this morning?”

I cheekily responded with “It’s a little bit early for that kind of banter Judy…don’t you think?” (thinking she won’t get the joke). Quick as a wink she retorted with “Typical man, always taking every conversation straight into the gutter!, some things never change…..but you are lucky I like you”.

I have been warned….🙂

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