Music To Their Ears



Had a fabulous chat with two older ladies in the nursing home today. The conversation started with one lady telling me how she would love to go back to Hindmarsh Island where she was captivated by the mystery of the place and was wanting to go swimming near the rocks. She then told me about the music of the era and how it had no beat, was quiet but beautiful. She was totally in the moment and I could see her reminiscing as she spoke.

As another lady sat down we continued with the music theme. She described how she lived in the country and enjoyed the dances where the women would sit around the edge of the hall hoping to be asked for a dance by a young man. She described how her girlfriends would get excited and pull faces behind the men and mouth the words “He’s gonna pick you!”. ( she went thru the whole story so many times…lol) She also mentioned how the announcer would call out “Gentlemen take your partners fore….”. After the dance the boys would then walk her and her girlfriends home for hot chocolate and supper with her parents.

Good times!

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