How Secure Are Our Loved Ones?


After talking with staff at an aged care facility I was shocked to hear that is commonplace for shady individuals to be stealing possessions off the elderly. I am told that some carers and other staff can be involved, but also outsiders that just enter the buildings and case out rooms. I have also heard ‘couples’ masquerade as family members.

I was staggered to hear these situations are occurring but then recently spoke with a person who has a friend with alcohol related dementia (Korsakoff Dementia) who has no money, and has been placed in an aged care facility. This man has had his own clothes stolen and has been left with practically nothing.

Have others experienced issues of theft and dishonesty? If so are there any tips or things that can be done to safeguard people with dementia in aged care homes and hospitals? Our elderly are extremely vulnerable to scammers and thieves and we must safeguard them where possible.



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