‘Wee’ Need To Give People With Dementia Some ‘Relief’ From Loo Confusion


When you next visit the bathroom at a pub, restaurant or cafe check out the creativity and design of the toilets signs on the doors. I know I personally have trouble sometimes working out which toilet door to enter (even more trouble after a few beers), so imagine if you have dementia as well? Your next move could be very embarrassing indeed.

I love a laugh and some fun, so I have attached a few crazy toilet signs to this post for your amusement. But also on a serious note I just wanted to point out how difficult going to the toilet in a public place must be for people with dementia (especially in early stages without a carer).

Our environments are really confusing and we need to be mindful of people with dementia, just like we make allowances for people in wheelchairs etc. Just because the symptoms of dementia are not always physically visible does not mean they are less important and should not be considered.

PS – The taps in bathrooms are also getting really confusing these days- I often end up standing at the basin waving at the spout, or vigorously rubbing my hands with no water coming out….how embarrassing!!! 🙂

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