“Que Sera Sera” – Music to Their Ears


I have just found the musical ‘sweet spot’ for the ladies in the nursing home.

They were listening to ‘Tom Jones’ at the breakfast table and it was simply not right at that hour, and they were a bit grumpy.

I asked the ladies if they minded me changing to some more happier music?. First song was Que Sera by Doris Day. The place then ‘went off’ – all the ladies instantly started singing with some doing high parts and some doing low parts. It was one of those ‘magic moments’.

I ran into another male resident who wanted to know how to charge batteries. This lead me to checking his music system which was off again. I played some Beethoven and the look on his face was priceless. He patted me on the back and said “thank you, thankyou”. I sat him down in his musical sanctuary and he was loving it.

I then visited Dad and turned his cd player on to knock out ‘Beat Goes On ‘ by Sonny & Cher. He grinned and started laughing straight away.

A great musical morning. I wonder what would happen if we brought a DJ into the nursing home??…lol.

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