Men’s Group – Week 2 Report


Special Guest – “Elvis Partington!”

The ‘hands’ tell the story in this collection of pics. Plenty of tactile activities this week.We played indoor golf, vacuumed with dustbusters, drew stuff, tuned the radio, polished silver, sharpened pencils,ate freddo frogs and choc coated Scotch Fingers, messed with old items (telephone, ink stamps, adding machine, etc), and generally just hung out in the area we now call the ‘MEN’S DEN’.

A few things went wrong :

My 2 Dustbusters both ran out of charge.

The designer dust I brought in to vac up… went everywhere. ( I upset the cleaner!)

The textas I brought in for ‘free-hand drawing’ went dry.

One of the men dropped the entire contents of the electric pencil sharpener all over the carpet.

Another man emptied the DustBuster contents all over his cream pants.

A very wobbly resident nearly fell when he hooked the extension cord around his foot.

I had two men ‘walk off’, two men fall asleep.

Feisty Fred heckled me the entire session with ” I am so stuffed, I don’ t know what the hell you want me to do!”

He also said “Why don’t you do this stuff when I’m not half dead… I am so bloody tired!”

I actually ran out of activities even though I filled my van with double the amount I brought last week.

Besides all that it went pretty good:-)










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