3 Fun Facts about my Barossa Presentation



1. Balloons are popular in the Barossa.

Thanks to the audience yesterday for supporting ‘Dementia Downunder’ by being good sports and joining in my first ever colour co-ordinated ‘Balloon-Aerobics’ class yesterday “….5,6,7,8” đŸ™‚


2. It pays to read the fine print!…I took a pic of the staff flyer on a wall at the Tanunda Nursing Home promoting my presentation. I only noticed the last line they placed on the flyer when posting on the site .. which I thought was hilarious:-)


3. This was my first ever presentation in a chapel. I can’t believe I played the ‘Benny Hill Theme Song’ (at top volume) and encouraged a balloon fight with the congregation:-) *We were ‘living in the moment’:-)




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