Dementia on the Radio – ABC 891 with Ali Clarke

Ali Clarke & Brett Partington  - ABC 891 Radio Studio

Ali Clarke & Brett Partington – ABC 891 Studio

Radio certainly gets the heart pumping and adrenaline going. You go from 0-100 in a matter of seconds.

The studio is huge and there is a massive control booth.

Ali was absolutely lovely and steered me thru well. I certainly have massive respect for people on radio. It is not for the faint hearted.

All that aside – Even though I was really nervous I hopefully was able to communicate some key messages through and shed some light on dementia.

I ticked off everything I wanted to achieve:

1. Talk about the fabulous Dementia Downunder members.

2. Meet Ali , get a pic with her and survive the interview.

3. Explain why dementia is different and talk about the role of families.

4. Give some positives amongst a lot of doom and gloom.

Time for a really strong coffee ahhhhhhh….Another really big challenge overcome.

The podcast can be listened to by clicking the following link:








One thought on “Dementia on the Radio – ABC 891 with Ali Clarke

  1. Rachel Teesdale-Smith says:

    Hi Brett

    I thought you did an awesome job of advocacy on this radio programme. Our family are just starting on this journey and feel very grateful to you and your family for making it a little easier.

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