What’s Going To Happen When I Go Into A Nursing Home?


I currently work with laptops, PC’s, mobile phones, Ipods, Ipads.

I expect wifi everywhere and all my technology to customize everything for me.

I watch Youtube videos, Apple TV, Netflix and Foxtel. I like to hold the remote and change channels when I am bored.

I listen to Apple Music and Spotify and no longer use CD’s or records. I like my music loud.

I catch Ubers instead of taxi’s, I ask Siri for just about everything, and I Google everything else.

I buy things I like online & they get delivered to my door.

I now scan my own groceries, I rarely use money and I am tapping my credit card everywhere.

I use my microwave more than my oven. I don’t play board games, I rarely read paperback books & I don’t like craft .

This is how I now live….Will the nursing homes be ready for me if I get dementia soon?

Hmmm…something to think about!……

PS – UBER Care is now in Australia

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