‘Team DD’…Take a Bow!

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I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our fabulous ‘DD’ members for your input, support and stories, and for just being an integral part of our amazing community.

The ‘magic’ of Dementia Downunder cannot happen without such a positive and supportive mindset, and without such a sincere and caring environment.

I often get asked what makes Dementia Downunder different?… I tell people that we are initiating conversations that were previously stigmatized, taboo or swept under the carpet. There are not many groups having the raw and sensitive conversations we have across such a diverse range of people, professions and sectors. We are also creating collaborative solutions to problems that have been around (and many ignored) for decades.

This myriad of perspectives, shared feelings, feedback and information is actually ‘bridging the gaps’ in our under-resourced health care/aged care systems. Our ‘people helping people’ philosophy continues to defy the odds when so many situations are ‘road-blocked’ due to lack of funding.

I also wanted to share that I am involved with some proactive working groups now that are making some big changes to the way we care for our older people, and those with dementia. I want to thank my mentors, close friends and associates (you all know who you are and I can’t name you all as I don’t want to miss anyone) who all have helped ‘Team DD’ make a difference.

Thank you!….

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