Mens Group – ‘Putting Proves a Hit’



To me this pic represents a HUGE WIN for the Men’s Group in the Memory Support Unit at my Dad’s nursing home. After the disaster last week when all the residents abandoned my shoe shine activity in under 6 minutes, this week we achieved the opposite result:

100% participation.

Everyone was engaged for over an hour.( we had to eventually tell them to go back to their rooms).

The ladies spectated for a short while then left us men to it. ( our new man cave)

Everyone cheered and clapped when someone sank a putt.

*But most importantly we found an activity that a ‘chair bound’ resident could do ( sitting down one handed) who previously could not do anything but eat and drink through a straw. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and to see the look on his face was the best thing I have seen in 2015.

This is Dementia . . .

PS – that is a piece of cake sitting next to the flag – just to ensure they stay focused!

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