‘Feisty Fred’…Shooting from the Hip


MORE QUOTES FROM ‘FEISTY FRED’ ( the 94 yo grumpy bastard with dementia at the nursing home)

Brett: How ya going today Fred?
Max: Up the sh*t if you really wanna know!

Feisty Fred: that woman over there is the most hated woman in this place. I am going to go over and shoot her in the face one day!

Brett: How ya going today Fred?
Feisty Fred: Not good at all. I am feeling crook. I am dizzy and I feel like I am swimming in a pool of sh*t

Feisty Fred: she is a triple murderess that bitch over there. I wanna just punch her in the moosh. (mouth)

Feisty Fred: go and get stuffed you silly old tart!

Feisty Fred: why don’t you just drop the thing in the damn hole you cheating bastard?!!!.( while playing inside golf)

Feisty Fred: why do you keep playing these games everytime I am asleep?….(Brett: it’s 2pm Fred!)

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