SA Hospital Crisis Rally with Nick Xenophon


Today I went to a rally to support the saving of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. I am normally the last person to get involved in politics or rallies. Having said that – I have toured the wards that are about to be shut down and know first hand how it will impact on our aged community. They just don’t know it yet.

We are about to lose a world class Geriatric unit and it’s gardens (GEM) and this means the dementia patients will now be forced into general medical beds which could be next to YOU. Dementia patients can have violent and inappropriate behaviours and require security teams on multiple occasions.

The public are generally unaware that all our geriatric wards are being removed from the RAH and downsized at the QEH. Cardiac and other wards are also impacted. Nick Xenophon and Prof Warren Jones were really supportive of the rally and were calling for action.

To see this story in detail watch your favourite news on tv ( any channel – they were all there) .

*ABC News is at 7pm if you missed the others.


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