Who Can Interpret These Doodles?



Bob has recently been enjoying some doodling and artwork after many months of not being engaged at all in this type of activity.

I know we have some Art Therapy people in our group and I was wondering if someone can read into the attached doodles.

Bob’s wife is called Jan, he had a friend recently visit called Vic. He also appears to write $ signs, plenty of circles and what looks like guitar strings?

Anyway… Thought I would put this out there and see what happens:-)


PS – I believe the flower and smiley face may have been drawn by my sister.

12743832_10154476036599918_6138278665726695427_n 12742775_10154476036564918_5207424731369894730_n 12742516_10154476036504918_7627020003377722562_n

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