I Gotta Share a Really Proud ‘Dad’ Moment


Over the last two weeks Bob has been forgetting my name and has called me by some new names such as ‘Kevin’ , ‘James’ and his favourite…”Hey…. You”

Many people get really upset when a loved one forgets their name but I am finding it amusing to hear what he calls me each day. I don’t get too upset because I can tell by his eyes when he sees me that he totally recognizes me. Whilst I know he will eventually forget who I am , I totally hang onto any small positive moment.

I went to the Nursing Home last evening (about 8pm) after a late meeting to see what Dad gets up to at night and he was sitting in the dining room amongst all the other dozing residents. As I quietly ‘tip-toed’ up to him he eventually spotted me. His face lit up with a huge smile, he then jumped up out of his chair and yelled out across the room at the top of his voice:

“HEYYYYY….BRETT PARTINGTON…….HOW THE HELL ARE YA?” (and came over and shook my hand).

These are the special ‘late stage’ dementia moments that you have to soak up and treasure. Good one Dad!

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