The Secret Is Out…Bob Has A Guardian Angel

That angel is my Mum, Jan.

Up until now Jan has been quietly looking after Bob nearly every day and dealing with everything dementia can throw at us. However today (without her knowledge) she has burst onto the internet in a cameo role on the new Eldercare promotional video. Jan turned up on the day of filming and was helping me calm Dad (who was having a bad day) and next thing we knew she had become the star of the video. She was actually so busy caring for Dad that she forgot the cameras were still rolling, and had no idea this video would one day be made public.

Jan is very shy and I am sure she never wanted our dementia story in the public arena (let alone on the internet), but I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank her for allowing me to share our story to help others.It is extremely difficult battling the ‘dementia rollercoaster’ at such close range and Mum has been an absolute inspiration to myself and my brother and sister.

Jan has probably broken the record for the most visits to a single resident in nursing home history, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Jan is also an unsung hero that has not only committed herself to giving Bob the best care ever, she has also helped many other residents within the nursing home when required.

I can’t begin to tell you what an amazing person Jan is, but I am sure from the video you can tell that we have been blessed with an amazing, loving mother that has taught us so many life lessons just by being her. I have had a ‘Brady Bunch’ style upbringing thanks to my parents, and I want you all to know that in over 50 years of marriage they have never argued ….fact!

I would also like to acknowledge all the people with dementia who do not have the support of family and friends and hope that ‘Dementia Downunder’ can be a family for them also.

Bravo Mum & Dad!

One thought on “The Secret Is Out…Bob Has A Guardian Angel

  1. Daphne and David says:

    Dear Brett, Life brings joys and sorrows and watching your video has brought both to us. Well done Brett and also to the lad who danced with his grandmother – so touching. Our thoughts and prayers are for you all. Daphne and David.

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