A Very Special Moment Today




I had lunch with Dad and Feisty Fred at the nursing home today. Once again it delivered some more memorable moments for me.

Dad had one mouthful of his pea and ham soup in a mug before accidentally dumping the entire contents in his lap (straight after his late shower). I cleaned him up and the carers kindly offered to change him again for me afterwards. He was happy regardless, and we both ate together on our own table for the first time in 12 months.

Feisty Fred turned 96 today and I was honoured to spend time with him as he opened his present and we sang ‘Happy Birthday’. Fred took full advantage of his birthday status and felt it was appropriate to lay a ‘birthday kiss’ on his favourite female resident. It caught all of us off guard and he delivered a very energetic and entertaining kiss on the lucky lady. No-one knew where to look.🙂

He then blew me away with the following comment that certainly made my week.

Fred : “I have been thinking about you as I remember that we had spent some wonderful time together during a group activity.

Brett: that’s good, was it golf? Or perhaps balloon tennis?

Fred: “I can’t remember what it bloody was but I believe it involved companionship and friendship, and I really enjoyed it.”

<mind blown >

Brett : “……I have no words”.

This is dementia …..

(and is why these people need to be nurtured and respected)

PS – I also took the best selfie ever of the two of us ( which I am not allowed to fully post due to privacy reasons)…but will be treasured.


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