“Who Ya Calling A Princess?”


Dad is now in in a very comfy ‘Princess Chair’ ( not sure what the proper name is). He is happy again and it is these moments that us family carers hang onto and breathe a sigh of relief for another day.

Great to see Dad looking good and feeling good. The caring regime had changed with two carers required at all times for ADL’s plus the use of lifters and shower chair if required.

The ever-changing world of dementia care certainly keeps us on our toes.

This is dementia…

**Bob Update – This dementia business is bizarre! Dad was in some of the most serious pain I have ever seen him in, and was escalating, and I simply could not allow him to go on without pain relief. He was then prescribed a pain management solution that we administered twice. We were bracing for him to be ‘lifted’ everywhere and never walk again. Well I am glad to say he is getting out of chairs and bed again (with two carers) with no visible signs of pain. He is still mobile and shuffling around the nursing home and sitting in normal lounge chairs. I am telling this story to illustrate the volatile nature of dementia and how you just prepare for one situation and it gets turned upside down. Irrespective, we are getting improvements and Dad is smiling again and that is all that matters. This is dementia…

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