Men’s Group Week 3 – 100% Engagement


Great result yesterday with the Men’s Group painting 3x Golf boxes ( first coat). The idea is that we will make a box for every section of our nursing home. ( as golf is the no. 1 activity).

I hope to then donate more to other nursing homes in the Eldercare group then expand to others as well. This way we are doing something for others and is relevant and a valued outcome.A low cost activity which people at all stages of dementia can participate in some form. Was amazed when Bob even had a go at painting.

Feisty Fred (96) was having a whinge to me by saying “Why should I bloody paint anything at all when this was the reason my father was disappointed in me not working with him as a professional house painter?”

He said all this and much more (about life with his dad) across the session whilst his hands went to work and beautifully and speedily painted the bulk of the boxes (in his pajamas).

The other men painted parts of the box, the brand new dining table, the newspaper and themselves.🙂

Overall a great result as it started conversations, was productive, and everyone was engaged. Thanks to my new volunteer helper, Michael who did a great job with the men.


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