The Gentlemen’s Club – Week 5


We decided to change our name from ‘Men’s Group’ to ‘The Gentleman’s Club’ cos it was part of our banter this week and is probably a bit more dignified.

No photos this week as we did painting again, but we did have two new men join the group, and they loved it.

I wanted to share a story which involved my assistant, and once again I copped a BIG lesson.

We were planning the activity for next week and I suggested we make a ‘hardware style activity station’ for each man out of bolts and nuts etc. At the time I thought it was a good idea when he stopped me in my tracks.

He snapped at me and said “Brett …. No!!!…That activity is not gonna happen. I joined your group because you gave these men real purpose. Do not go backwards, only do things that mean something and are useful. We owe it to these men to give them purpose in life ”

Wow!… I was shocked with his passionate outburst, but rather than be offended that he hated my idea, I am going to embrace the feedback and involve ‘purpose ‘ in ALL my activities.

This life lesson brought to you by the Dementia Downunder Gentlemen’s Club. The most authentic & insightful classroom in the world!

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