When Things Go Sour With Food


I was chatting with a nurse this week about food and she advised me that people with dementia sometimes lose their sense of taste and that it can also vary over the journey. Does anyone know much about this aspect of dementia?

When people with dementia are in a nursing home do they get tested for sweet and sour foods? Imagine if you lost your sense of taste or it altered so foods you normally would enjoy, taste terrible? It would make meal times like eating glue if this was the case.

My concern is that as a family member I would advise the nursing home on dad’s admission what he would enjoy eating (according to his past history). But if the nurse is correct, then this means that those original food choices may become irrelevant. Do any facilities test or re-test food tastes with residents at different stages? How would we know if someone’s tastebuds have altered?

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