Onya Lads…Great Community Spirit


Was blown away today. I visited the Scout Recycling Centre at Hahndorf to see if I could obtain some old toasters, microwaves, ropes, stereos, and anything with screws, nuts or bolts on it for our ‘Gentlemen’s Club’ sessions.

David at the Scouts Recycling Centre rustled up a few items and is now kindly holding small appliances for our group when he comes across them….FREE!

A customer called John was listening in on our conversation and before I left he stopped me and offered his help as well by collecting and dropping off things he comes across on the job.

This is Xmas spirit people! It has also sparked an idea for me to recruit men to help other men in nursing homes and be their friends and mentors.


Let’s see where this idea can go!

Thanks guys!…appreciated.


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