Caring Mistakes – Time For Feedback


As we are near the end of 2016 I thought it would be a good idea to share what we have learnt as a group and compile our own ‘DD’ list of mistakes that are made by carers. They can be big ones or small ones, knowing or unknowing.

This ‘call-out’ is open to anyone in the group to put forward 5-10 mistakes made by carers of people with dementia.

I can then collate these and create a master list that we can post on the ‘Dementia Downunder’ website.

It doesn’t matter if they have been mentioned before, and can relate to any area of dementia care. ( I can perhaps put them in categories)

I am really interested in what matters to YOU and what really frustrates you when you see these mistakes made when caring for people with dementia.

I will start us off with a few:

1.talking in front of the person with dementia about them.

2. Not caring what tv channel is on when a group of residents are inappropriate or not suitable.

3. Continuing with a lifestyle activity when the group clearly do not like it or are becoming frustrated.

4. Excluding people from activities or conversations due to their stage of dementia.

5. Being lazy and not caring for the person to the best of your ability.


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