Dementia on The Radio…5AA


What a great experience to be interviewed on 5AA by Bianca Vlahos just before New Years Eve.

It is my very first time on radio and was such an awesome opportunity to create more awareness about dementia, I couldn’t say no. I was only invited to be interviewed the night before which lead to a very short preparation.

We covered many dementia related topics and talked across one hour. We had callers ring in with different questions about dementia with one person suspecting a family member was showing signs, and another who had lost their husband to Lewy Body dementia.

We had no idea how many people were listening to the segment although the Dementia Downunder website spiked overnight. It is a very interactive and fast paced format with 10 second warnings before going live on the air.

I still have plenty of areas to improve and will be interviewed again on PBA-FM (Community Radio) on Monday, Jan 9 at around 4/4.30pm.




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