A Strange Note…Some Bizarre (but meaningful) Words….Will This Mystery Ever Be Solved?



I was rustling through my old jeans pocket recently and pulled out a wad of receipts and notes. I was checking them before throwing in the bin when I came across this most bizarre note . I am sharing this note as I am hoping someone in the ‘DD’ group who may have cared for my Dad in hospital or the Nursing Home may know something about this.


The letter is not in my Dad’s handwriting.
I have never seen that notepaper before
I have no re-collection of someone handing me the note


The sports listed are 100% correct
My name is mentioned twice
My age at the time was 100% correct.
I have a brother in Sydney as stated (but he couldn’t remember his name, but got the age correct)
Whilst many people know that I played footy in the hallways of the hospital and nursing home, only Dad would know they were drop kicks.
His brother’s name is David (Dad used to get names mixed up)
How did this note end up in my pocket?
It must be at least 6 months to a year or more old as Dad was not able to speak much


I am guessing that a carer or possibly a nurse (or maybe a distant friend) that doesn’t know Dad that well has written down a note dictated by him. i think this because they have written ‘Love David’ which is incorrect and I would assume a regular carer/nurse would have corrected that to Bob.


This note gives an incredible insight into the mind of someone with dementia. You can see that he is trying to say he does not have dementia and wants to prove it by stating facts that he has all his marbles. By listing random facts he is trying to give evidence of how clear his mind is. It displays the confusion and shows how he doesn’t know what dementia is, but he believes he doesn’t have it regardless. The random thoughts mentioned are all about dementia and family and he is thankful and wants to let us know he loves us.

Whilst this post is a bit ‘deep’ and ‘spooky’ it is a complete mystery to me, I thought it was worth a shot posting to see if anyone knows about it, or secondly believe that it was a letter dictated by Dad. Irrespective, I felt it was an amazing note worthy of sharing and once again we learn something more about people with dementia.

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